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In the framework of the LightMe EC project we are organizing an Open Call for provision of services to SMEs, Large Enterprises or other stakeholders in order to support them in the upscaling and technology maturity of novel concepts in the field of lightweight alloys (aluminum, magnesium and titanium) and their composites.

Welcome to LightMe Open Innovation Environment (OIE)

LightMe OIE is the software platform where basic LightMe project “Innovation” will be stored, exchanged, further developed, commented, shared, among two different group of people, project partners and external partners, customers, future stakeholders.


The LightMe Project


The LightMe project aspires to be a point of reference for boosting innovation in the field of lightweight metal matrix nanocomposites (MMnC) setting up an Open Innovation Ecosystem (test bed) that will boost the introduction of new functionalities, features and capabilities to lightweight metals.

The LightMe Ecosystem will provide the necessary infrastructure (6 Pilot Lines – PL) and knowhow for upscaling the new materials concepts related to lightweight MMnC and advance materials, in a cost effective and sustainable way. Besides the upscaling units the Ecosystem will provide services including monitoring, testing, modelling & simulation, standardization, regulatory, compliance, nanosafety and innovation management (IM), addressing the industrial needs of SMEs and large enterprises that will access the Ecosystem and thus, ensuring the technology transfer to the market.